Transparency Policy
In an effort to provide full transparency we'd like to let you know how this is possible.

What many people do not appreciate is that to fulfil, store and ship a physical book it costs a lot more than a second class stamp from the post office.

We do not print on demand, we have stock ready to ship immediately around the world. As such there are various costs associated with particularly storage, handling and fulfilment. 

Along with the these fees we also have to account for administrative costs, team members to ensure that everything runs smoothly, the website domains and email services can run as normal along with accounting for items that get lost in the post and other expenses to be able to make sure that you get this book on time, as expected.
As such, the UK and International shipping costs allow us to cover a lot of these direct costs but unfortunately not all of them. 

If you get just the book we do not make money.

You're probably thinking, 'how do you make money?'

When going through the checkout process you will be offered additional (optional) products and services. For example you have the ability to get the eBook and Audiobook version of the book for an additional charge. 

We estimate a percentage of people will take these options which then allows us to profit. Just like how a restaurant will up-sell you alcohol or Subway will ask if you want a meal deal.

We also understand that once you read the book you'll be far more likely to want to work with us at the SellerPro Academy which is our dedicated training program designed to take you from A-Z selling on Amazon. 

We hope that this message gives you insight into how this is possible.

If you have any questions please do reach out to us at 

Jonny B
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